To left of the grand staircase is an old wooden door which leads to the wine cellars, which run beneath the entire perimeter of the central part of the building. The sixteenth-century wine cellars of Palazzo Salis have been restored to their original structure. As in ancient times, they are fully operational. The tinera, a room outside the wine cellar which held the vats used in must fermentation. The involt (cellars with vaulted ceilings) and the Corte dei Carri (Cart Court) and the ancient cold storage room (which can hold a maximum of 20 visitors at a time).

Documents dating back to 1665 record that Conte Giovanni Sertoli Salis von Zizers, civic official of Canton Grigione and governor of Valtellina, supplied wine to the Court of Leopoldo I of Hapsburg, to the episcopate of Chur, and to the noble families of Grigione and the Adda Valley.The cellars are connected to a large rustic building next to the palazzo, which is the site of wine production.