This wine is particularly good when young, for the
intensity of its perfumes. However, the strong character of the grape from which it is produced also assures a relatively long bottle life, up to 2-3 years.

Serving suggestions

This white wine is suitable for
hors d’hoeuvres, fish, and light meals. It is also very good as an aperitif.

Serving temperature: 10° C

Colour: pale yellow with pale green reflections.

Bouquet: intense and delicate with evident fruity notes recalling banana and pineapple. After these, hints of green apples and, very slightly, citrus fruits.

Taste: dry, a little citrus. It has good smoothness, nicely balancing acidity and alcoholic content (medium). The fruity sensations noticed by the nose appear again with good persistence. In the mouth, a medium duration, together with great liveliness and freshness.

Alcohol: 11,5 - 12 % vol.
Total acidity: 6,20 – 6,60 gr/l

3,20 – 3,35

Serving temperature: 10°C
The grapes are brought whole to the horizontal presser, where they are lightly pressed to release the must contained in the pulp, excluding the colorants which are concentrated in the skin (white wine process).

The subsequent pressings are separated and used in the production of table wines. The must is kept at a temperature of 6°-7°C for 48 hours, allowing for the static separation of solids.

Then the clearest part of the must is separated and the temperature raised to about 18°C, to encourage alcoholic fermentation. During fermentation the temperature is kept between 18° and 20°C.

After about 20 days, the must has completely transformed into wine, exalting the secondary perfumes of fermentation together with the primary aromas of the variety of the grape.
Obtained from a white wine process applied to Nebbiolo grapes (Chiavennasca variety).
To ensure high quality, grapes are selected only from vineyards at altitudes higher than 500 metres above sea level, where maturation is slower and there is less accumulation of anthocyanins.

This wine is obtained from a white wine processing of Nebbiolo grapes cultivated in vineyards located 600 to 650 meters above sea level.

The light pressing of the grapes and the immediate separation of the must from the marc allow the production of an elegant, fruity white wine with light citrus notes.

This wine is appreciated for its fullness and freshness, especially in its youth. But the strong character of the grapes also guarantees a good ability to last over time.