It already reaches a
high finesse of expression immediately after bottling. A further improvement in quality is foreseen in the following two years, after that the wine keeps these characteristics for about another two years.

Serving suggestions

It is a red wine suitable for most dishes, and particularly for
first courses. It goes particularly well with cold cuts and white meat.

Serving temperature: 15 -17°C

Colour: brilliant and bright ruby red, with good intensity.

Bouquet: subtle and penetrating with touches of green pepper. Vinous, fresh, an elegant breed. It shows the variety of characteristics of the “Nebbiolo” grape, from which it is produced.

Taste: immediately caressing, harmonic and elegant. Its medium ageing exhales the fragrance. Hints of small wild berries (red currant and blackberry).

Alcohol: 12 - 12.3%vol.
Total acidity: 5.0 – 5.5 gr/l

3.5 – 3.65

Dry extract:

24.5 – 26 gr/l

Serving temperature:


Follows the production rules for high quality red wines. The grapes are first separated from the stalks and then pressed. The turbulent alcoholic fermentation is brought about through the maceration of the skins (marc) which are repeatedly and softly soaking in the must for 6-7 days.

After the drawing, the new wine is kept in steel containers at about 20°C to allow the second fermentation (malolactic).

During the following spring after the harvest, always with waning moon, the wine passes into 50 HL oak barrels.

After about 6 months of refinement in the casks, and appropriate decanting, the wine is ready for bottleing.

It is obtained from the vinification of “nebbiolo” grapes (Chiavennasca variety), which come from the slopes of the Rhaetian Alps in the area recognized as D.O.C.
o reach a high quality level, only, vineyards between 300 and 500 m. above see level are selected, with the best exposure to the sun.
D.O.C. means guarantee of origin and this is a denomination given to red wines, obtained from the vinification of “nebbiolo” grapes (Chiavennasca variety) which come from specific slopes on the Rhaetian side according to sa Decree of dated August, 11th 1968.

body and the structure of this wine are of medium-good level and they are brought out by the variety of characteristics of the “nebbiolo” grapes which give a great fineness and elegance.

Vinous and soft, with pleasant tannins and touches of green pepper.

Well expressing itself It already reaches a high after one year of production, a further improvement in quality is foreseen over 2-3 years of refinement.