Palazzo Salis sits on approximately square metres of ground. It was built between 1630 and 1690, and was the residence of the Salis family, who were the governors and civic officials of the Grigione government of Valtellina; The parts of the Palazzo included in the tour are the main courtyard ("Corte della Meridiana"), the Grand Staircase, the Festival Hall, and the reading hall ("Saloncello"), as well as the sixteenth-century wine cellars which have been restored to their original structure.

They are as fully operational as they were in ancient times.

The tinera, a room outside the wine cellar which held the vats used in must fermentation is now used as internal private parking. The wine ageing cellars and the "Corte dei Carri" (Cart Court). The ancient cold storage room (which can hold a maximum of 20 visitors at a time)