Visits can be arranged (by appointment only) on any day,
including holidays, from 10.00 to 18.00 please contact us:

Salis 1637 S.r.l.
Via Salis, 3 - Tirano
tel 0342/710404 - fax 0342/710428

Groups of up to 50 are accepted, by special request up to 65 people can be accommodated though they may have to be divided into two groups.
The guided tour, including explanations of the historical, architectural and wine-producing aspects of the palazzo, takes 35-40 minutes. At the end of the tour, again by prior arrangement, it is possible to enjoy a wine tasting of approx. 30 minutes, priced according to the wine menu selected. It is also possible to purchase wine directly from our shop take it home with you right away, or have it shipped home.